Showdesktop button

Is it possible to change the operation of the show desktop button in Plasma 6.0 so that it minimizes all open windows?

If you right click the “Show desktop” button on the panel, you will see it has a menu where one of the options is “Minimize all open windows”. If you click it - it will minimize all open windows and if you left click the 'Show desktop" button again - all the windows will come back.

But! This isn’t what you want - the UI there is misleading: the fact that the “Minimize all open windows” has a checkbox UI doesn’t mean that you are changing the behavior of the “Show desktop” button to minimize all open windows from now on - it is just for the current action.

I think that the “Show desktop” button should be configurable between the “peek at desktop” mode and the “minimize all open windows” mode, and maybe have the RMB menu toggle that configuration - I’ll take a look at that, doesn’t seem like a big deal to do.

In the mean time, you can set a keyboard shortcut to “Minimize all open windows” in the System Settings Keyboard Shortcuts configuration.

Yes, the button should be configurable, I guess that was the idea but it was implemented incorrectly.