Sign up denied for the homeserver

I am a contributor in Kaidan, and wants to chat with the KDE developers but I cannot sign up to the homeserver(, please help me in getting into the matrix chat so I can raise my concerns directly with them … Thanks in advance!

You can create a Matrix account with any other provider and still be able to access the rooms on KDE’s homeserver via federation.
Otherwise, you could file a ticket with the sysadmins to request an account.

When I am trying with some other provider, then even after validating via my email, the sign up is not successful .

What was the error message that says the registration failed? You could try registering on a different client or a different provider if the problem persists.

I have tried that too, there is no error for the registration rather a successful validation is shown but there is no redirection on the original page and when I try to sign in with those credentials nothing happens :slightly_frowning_face:

I opened this do I need to assign someone to it, or they the admins will see to it on their own!

@bbonacci Can you please let me know?

Can you tell us why you want to talk to the KDE devs, or with which KDE devs you would like to talk? Is this something private that is not supposed to be public?

There are some devs on these forums there is also for bug reports and feature requests, You could also use the mailing list.

No, nothing to be private but more of a community question which I would love to ask in the matrix channel for my job concern, and thank you for the above links I have been using kde’s applications from quite a long time and know about it too! :smiley:

The sysadmins will get to it, don’t worry. Just letting you know, it’s very likely your request will be denied unless there is a reason why you absolutely cannot use another homeserver.

The reason why registration was closed was because people were confusing people from as being part of the KDE project and representing it in some capacity, similar to having a email address.

ah ok ,thanks for the info

You could try to use element webapp to create an account.

Choose as the homeserver (should be the default). If you have a github, gitlab or google account you can use this to create an account.

This did help, thanks @Duha! but I still cannot get into KDE’s official webchat, is there some kind of a privacy?

No, everyone can join.

Click on + → join public room.

Click on Add new server… and add

Then you should be able to find all kde rooms.

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And if that doesn’t work, we also have a list of Matrix rooms here on the community wiki :slight_smile:

Alright! Thanks everyone …