Signing a PDF in Okular needs to be a LOT eaiser

it’s tax time and the form i fill out requires it to be signed for electronic filing.

this was fairly strait forward under windows, but alas like so many many things, doing the trivial in linux can often involve way more time and effort than expected.

i did manage create a self-signed certificate that i could then use in okular, but that blew half a day’s worth of tax prep for me and wore me tf out.

okular itself sends you to a help page which is not really that helpful so i had to resort to the interwebs and it took me quite a while to find this article on how to create a self-signed certificate which was the solution.

but complicating things was the fact that kubuntu does not come with the library containing the certutil tool which i needed in order to make this work.

then i had to learn way more about that tool that i ever wanted to know, including the naming convention for how the certificates are named.

this whole process needs a GUI and it needs to be built into okular under the tools menu, otherwise okular might as well not even have the ability to sign a PDF since it will be out of reach for the average user.