Simple folder mirror script?

Hey gang,

What would be the simplest, most resource efficient way to mirror a directory on one hard drive to another hard drive?

As a photographer, I download all my RAW files to a camera import directory on my working hard drive. I have been manually copying new import folders from that drive to an archive drive. I would like to automate that process.

It does not need to monitor changes, nor delete anything, just monitor for new folders in the import directory, and copy them over. The raw files will never change.

Basically: see new folder, copy new folder.

I have looked already, and found many ways, all of which are way over complicated and resource hungry using rsynch and other backup routines that often involve a web interface, which is a no go for me. I do not want servers running for something this simple.

If anybody can nudge me in the right direction, I would be most grateful.

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I get you. I need to sync my local folder of raw photos and sidecar files to cloud storage too.

Currently I am using lsyncd to do so. Maybe check this out. I have a one-line script: lsyncd -rsync /home/myname/Pictures/Raw /home/myname/cloud/Raw


That sounds perfect. Thanks!

Have a look at FreeFileSync. It works perfectly for me.

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Exactly what I need. Works flawlessly. Thanks