Simple rendering taking too long

I’m new to kdenlive
i wanted to produce a simple video which has a picture and an audio file attached together, there is no special effects or a big video to deal with.
the audio has 10 minutes, so when i try to render it takes also 10 minutes? is there a fast way to do this with kdenlive?

What’s wrong with a 10 minute render time?

why i need to wait 10 minutes for a very simple task like that??
and i need to do that task with many audio files that have more than 30 minutes. that will by annoying.

What makes you think this is a “simple task”? Kdenlive has to create frames from the image and combine them with the audio. It does that using the MLT framework and ffmpeg for the encoding and putting it into a container.

BTW, if you want to combine a picture with audio you can do this just with ffmpeg from the command line (in Windows and Linux). Just google it …

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FWIW my desktop with SSD and decent graphics card renders 1080p30 at 120 fps and 1080p60 at about realtime, so see if your graphics card (if you have one) supports hardware acceleration.

i used this:
ffmpeg -i black.png -i 31-35.mp3 ep1.mp4
and it is faster. thank you

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