Simplified KDE Global Default Application Menu

I love KDE.

It is, bar none, the best desktop environment and application suite I’ve ever used. The desktop is easy to customize, the KDE applications are fully featured and excellent, and the contributors are always willing to listen to new ideas.

Speaking of new ideas, I have an old one. Do you think there will come a point where global default application options will be available, like there is in GNOME and other GTK based DEs?

I would love to have a menu where I can do this instead of having to individually mark every single file by ranking it in the menu for each file type, especially because sometimes KDE flips the order and suddenly I have Handbrake trying to open a movie I want to watch, and so on.

So is it possible that we will see something like this in the future, KDE devs? I love you. Does that help? I mean, I do love all the good work you do, but maybe this can happen? I would love this as a feature, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I looked for similar topics and I didn’t see any, so I apologize in advance if this has been asked before.

That already is a thing:

The screenshot shows how it looks in Plasma 6, but even Plasma 5 already has part of this.


So we’re getting a bigger global default app menu in KDE 6? That is awesome!

I mean, yeah, in Plasma 5 we have a few, but in 6 we get a more comprehensive list.

Well, hey, I was excited before, but now I’m ecstatic! Seriously, this probably sounds silly, but this is all I wanted. lol