Single wallpaper across all displays in multi-display setup

A long standing annoyance with KDE is that its wallpaper handling of multiple displays is that I can only assign a single image or folder to a single display, rather than 1 image/folder across ALL displays as various other DE’s (Cinnamon/Mate at least) do.

For my 3x 4k display setup, I actually do have some 11520x2160 high-resolution eyecandy images (thanks Digital Blasphemy!) that I love to use when I’m playing with other DE’s that do this, but then go back to wallpaper disappointment when I usually return to KDE. I’ve gone so far as to chunk some of them into 3x 4k images to place in sequence, but then in the past I’ve had issues with KDE remembering which image went where putting them out of order, which gets annoying quickly, and I can’t use a directory of different images x3 in a sequence to follow either if I want it to move through a directory of them. It would be preferred to have an option to treat all displays as 1 giant display and apply across a single workspace.

I figured at some point this would come along since kde4.x days but no, so figure I’d finally ask. If not exceedingly difficult or weird to implement, I for one at least would greatly appreciate the option to do so.

Thanks for the consideration if so!

In the past I have used superpaper by hhannine on github, but it only works on x11, so native support for it would indeed be appreaciated!

Yeah, I was trying to add superpaper from AUR in arch, but sadly it’s so old and linked to deprecated packages it’s just busted now. Shame too, I still use x11 since nvidia is trash still for wayland until they fix explicit sync.

Thanks for the tip however, I hadn’t come across this before!