Skanpage OCR not working

Clean installation of Neon User. Installed Skanpage and Tesseract (+ language packs). After scanning a document and ‘export to pdf’ I get a window only with fields for title and filename. No selectable languages.

Any packages missing? kquickimageeditor is installed.

BTW: This ‘bug’ exists for a long time now and has nothing to do with the Plasma 6 packaging.



works on kubuntu 22.04 with backports… tho not my top pick for scanner apps.

i did need to reboot after the initial install of the flatpack seemed to work but then exported PDF could not be opened and subsequent launch of the app would fail.

after restart, it launches and export (albeit a separate step) seems to work well enough.

i find it odd that a flatpack would have any system dependencies, since the whole point is to avoid that.

have you tried NAPS2… that’s my top pick.

I’m not talking about the Flatpak version here. I’m talking about the version from the repos.

The Flatpak version does not see my printer/scanner.

if the flatpak can’t see your hardware but the installed version does, then it’s probably a permissions thing.

i recommend installing flatseal to easily adjust flatpak permissions.

I do NOT want to use the Flatpak version.

Sadly no one seems to have an idea what’s missing.

Is there a way to file bug report for Neon?

Neon is one “product” that you can select on Bugs get tracked there like for other KDE software.

I’ve run into similar frustrations trying to get OCR to work for different projects, not exactly with Skanpage but with other OCR tasks related to identity verification. What I found super helpful was turning to a service like ID Analyzer’s ID Verification API. They use some really advanced OCR technology to accurately scan and extract data from identity documents without needing specific zones or barcodes, making the process much smoother and more reliable. This helped me a lot because their system could handle documents that were less than perfect, like those that were blurry or partially cut off, which is a common issue I faced. Plus, their ability to accurately read and extract data in multiple languages made a big difference for the diverse types of documents I needed to process.