Skip upcoming alarm in KAlarm and KClock

I use KAlarm every day. It has many features, and I just thought of one more.

It would be very useful if you could skip an upcoming alarm. :kangaroo:

Currently you can defer an alarm for a period of time or disable it. I would like the option to skip it. I use this feature on Android a lot.

Perhaps you could right click the tray icon and choose “Skip upcoming alarm”, or something like that?

Just an idea. Would anyone else use such a feature?


Interestingly, someone else also requested this feature recently. I think it’s worth implementing, so will aim to include it in a release later this year.


I guess I’m not the only one who has thought of this. I know I couldn’t live my life without an alarm clock. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thank you for being a KDE developer!


Certainly not - but some amazing features do seem to go under the radar of millions of users.

I’m not sure - but I remember talking about lack of ‘skip’, but that’ll be a most welcome addition (simply disabling an alarm necessitates setting a reminder to re-enable it… with my memory).

I have KAlarm set my volume to 10% and suspend the system at 9.30pm, then wake up the system at 5.55am, set the volume up to 50% at 6.30am ready for my morning music…

KAlarm is secondary only to my phone for scheduling…

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What a clever use case for Kalarm. I suppose your imagination is the limit for its usefulness. It truly is an amazing tool!

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