[Skrooge] Account alias seems to be ignored when importing from CSV

I’ve just started using Skrooge and would like to import account operations from the bank.

The problem is that the account ID in the CSV file is quite ugly (masked) and I don’t want to use it in Skrooge but still I’d like to have the operations imported to the correct account.

The CSV import documentation (Import Files) mentions the an alias property can be used to add a new name to an account which then will be used during import.

However it doesn’t work for me: I set an alias “account_ugly_name” to an account named “account_nice_name”. Then I try to import a CSV file with account name “account_ugly_name” for each operation but a new account is being created instead of adding the operations to the account with a matching alias. Do I do this correctly?

That’s a cool feature! However, looking in Skrooge’s source (I am not a C++ programmer, nor do I play one on TV :wink: ), I only see a reference to alias in the skrooge_import_ofx plug-in code. For CSV import, you can define the regular expression to match an account column in the CSV file, but I don’t think Skrooge will try to match the account value with an account’s alias property. I would file a bug asking for alias matching to be for all importers, and add that until this is fixed, the Import Files documentation should clarify that alias matching only works with OFX (and QFX files).