Skrooge MT940 import

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the forum and struggeling with the following issue, hopefully someone can help or point me closer to the solution.
I tried to import a MT940 bank file provided by my bank. In this case, the file extension is .mta.
However skrooge does not detect that and resigns. So I tried .mt940 as well as .sta and .mt because I couldn’t figure out what extension skrooge expects when importing such a file. From what I found skrooge is able to handle these file types around 2012 when the plugin was implemented.
Also I can say, that when I checked the file structure with a standard text editor it complied with MT940.

So in the end I need to figure out, what file extension skrooge is expecting to get the plugin kicking in and doing its work, correct?

All the best and thanks in advance