Sleep or screen lock inhibit no longer shown


Been having problems with my PC not going to sleep, and as a pretty long time user of KDE thought I’d check the tray icon “Display Configuration” which would normally state which application is causing the “screen lock” or “sleep” inhibiting or whatever combination.

Not sure if it’s me or something I might have changed, but nothing is displaying when watching videos in Firefox/Chrome or listening to audio in the same or in Elisa. This is what I would normally see:


But I am not getting any information about the app that is inhibiting sleep or screen lock, I’m used to seeing Steam, Firefox and Discovery just to name a few.

Currently using Manjaro Unstable which at the time of writing is using KDE 6.0.4. Can anyone else confirm this behaviour and if I should log this as a bug?

As an after thought as I imaging someone will ask, yes, Powerdevil is running

Are those apps installed from Flatpak, rather than from distro repos?

Hi @ngraham,

Thanks for getting back to me. No, I don’t even have flatpak enabled. According to pamac they’re installed from the “Official Repositories (extra)”.

It’s an odd one, I booted into a live USB and even that doesn’t seem to work, but I have a laptop which is also using Manjaro Unstable, and is on KDE 6.0.4 and that seems to be working fine? Does that suggest a hardware problem?