Snap backend for Discover installed, but clicking "View in Desktop store" doesn't open Discover

Snap backend for Discover is installed, but clicking “View in Desktop store” at Snapcraft dot io in the page of Steam does not open the Discover store to install it. Isn’t this supposed to happen?

WHen i click the View in Desktop store button it opens a pop up type thing saying “Allow this site to open the snap link with Discover” and buttons Cancel and Open Link. Open Link clicking does not open the suggested Discover…

I reckon this is a bug then. I also cannot search for snaps through the Discover and i don’t know if it’s possible? If so, what to do to enable Snap Store’s apps to Discover as source?

Help much appreaciated.

Discover snap backend has poor integration with snaps, e.g. it can’t update snaps. I wouldn’t be surprised if this functionality is also missing.

Alright :confused: well i wonder if there is any estimate to implement this functionality? Who knows how many attempt to install from Snap Store coming to Linux and realizing “installing stuff doesn’t work at all”.

It’s usually the little details that really matter and make people stay.

No estimate AFAIK. Best alternative is to install flatpak and the flatpak backend for Discover, that one should actually work.

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Sure, but often times the badly needed app is not available as a flatpak (or wise versa as a snap). So at this time both packaging methods would be very beneficial to render functional everywhere.

Or at least tell the user that this and this won’t work as a WIP, or something.