Snap in KDE Neon

I have a general question about software stores in KDE Neon.

Is it planned to deactivate the snap service in KDE Neon and only provide the Deb and Flatpak software sources, like it is done in the Linux distribution TuxedoOS.


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I doubt it.

There is no reason to do so, since the user may want this, but also can easily remove it (and/or Flatpak support as well) if they don’t. Or just not use it.

Neon comes with both Flatpak and Snap support.

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Hi claydoh,
Thanks for the info.
But then I still have two questions about it. Do I have any disadvantages if I remove the snap service on my Neon system or is not advisable?

Is there a useful tutorial specifically for Neon on how to remove the snap service from your system?


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You can remove it if you desire, it won’t break anything.

neon is just Ubuntu, so any tutorials for 22.04 will work.
Neon does not use the Snap of Firefox, so some of the work is already done. Just uninstalling snap, snapd, and plasma-discover-backend-snap should do it.


I wouldn’t kick snaps to the curb! I am working very hard at getting all the KDE application snaps done.


At least in our LUG are some Ubuntu users, where the snap packages generate so much overhead, that they can’t work anymore. Especially the Big Blue Button Net-meetings we use, are unseable with snap packages. If we switch to standard (deb) it works fine (100% → 50% load on a double core Intel Pentium system). Also the 32GB HDD will be fast to small.
Snap is a good solution if you have a server, but is not the best solution on a Desktop at all! It was the reason to leave *buntu Systems more and more (is not acceptable for non professionals).