Snap support gone from Discover store?

So I’ve noticed that all my snap applications (PlexMediaServer, Thunderbird, etc) stopped working. They still appear in the start menu, and the /home/snap/ directories still exist, but trying to start the apps seems to do nothing after a brief pause. Attempting to run them from console using…

snap run thunderbird

…seems to yield this error…

cannot create mount point for file "/tmp/snap.rootfs_OLWggB/": Permission denied

Also, I’ve noticed that the Discover store has no record of them being installed anymore… in fact, it doesn’t show any snap applications in the catalog anymore either… Running the latest KDE Neon (6.0.3?) … Did snap support suddenly get dropped? What happened?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Snap support is currently missing from Plasma 6. It broke at some point in the last year and we weren’t able to find any developers who cared enough about Snap to fix it :frowning: I suspect Canonnical is going to need to put a developer on this if they want decent Snap support in Discover.