Solid Desktop Layouts and suggest them in Welcome page in OOBE

It would be great if it let users select the dekstop theme layout during the welcome page which comes after installation. I know this can be done in settings anyway. But giving them during the onboard welcome window will help new inexperienced users select the desktop theme layout which they are familiar with previously. I mean it won’t hurt to have just 1 additional page in the onboarding menu if it helps new users get familiar with things right😅?

And also we need a very solid set of desktop theme layouts like which will help the above scenario for a lot of users. But also this way we can select a standard set of themes to be displayed in the onboarding window.

The standard set of themes I suggest to help onboarding from other OS or distros are

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Chrome OS
  4. material UI 3 based in general (the curvy corners types) with material colors

If not all these distros atleast helping those coming from other than linux will be great. This idea is heavily from zorin OS. I really love how with just a click we can change the whole UI and people from other OS get very familiar and use almost spontaneously. And with the customisation KDE provides this is achievable I guess.

Now the work to be done is making a solid Desktop theme layouts. I mean solid in how every nuances are covered in making the theme.

If possible it would be really great to see this in the upcoming KDE plasma 6.

TLDR : Zorin like desktop layout options in onboarding welcome window

You might be interested in reading Get Involved/Design/Frequently Discussed Topics - KDE Community Wiki for the VDG team’s opinion on this matter


Thanks a lot for pointing the exact link. Didn’t expect it to have such negative effects sometimes. Makes sense too. Should I close this topic or something now?:thinking:
Sorry I’m new to KDE Discuss