Solus OS deprecating Latte dock

The Solus dev team has announced that Latte will be removed when Plasma 6 is landed in our stable repo (coming soon). According to Reilly Brogan there, “Also, latte-dock doesn’t work with Plasma 6 and will be removed once we sync to stable. There’s no workaround, the developers stopped maintaining it and we can’t keep a broken package around.”

This worries me, because all my machines but one run Plasma, and Latte is an important part of the DE, IMHO. I can’t seem to get Plank to launch on Plasma. Does anyone have a suggestion for a dock that’s similar to Latte that’s actively supported?

Unfortunately there is no “real” alternative for Latte Dock in Plasma 6


  1. You could try to use the Plasma Panel and configure it as a dock in combination with several little third-party Plasmoids to bring back some of Latte Docks’ functionalities like Panel Colorizer or Separator Line and others.
    Unfortunately the Plasma Panel as a dock has still a long way to go and is partially still quite buggy (I am sure the KDE team is working on it), especially when floating or when used vertically.
    And those uneven gaps when floating - guys, this is the default now…

  2. You could try if Crystal Dock works for you in Plasma 6 - which is DE-agnostic.
    Therefore unfortunately it isn’t usable with Plasmoids.
    It also works in X11 only AFAIK.

  3. You could switch to a distribution that will keep supporting Plasma 5.27.x instead of Plasma 6 for a while - like e.g. Debian 12 or Kubuntu 24.04 LTS (the latter will still ship with Plasma 5.27.x when it is released in April - and you will be able to use Latte Dock for at least the next three to five years there).
    I currently use Latte Dock without problems in Debian 12 with Plasma 5.27.x in X11 for example.

I hope this helps…


Crystal dock certainly looks nice, but I’ll have to wait until it supports Wayland before I can try it myself. Thanks very much for your response.

Indeed it did. At first I thought that a panel would make a poor excuse for a dock, because my only experience with panels were ones that looked like, and worked like, panels. But after a little study of the new properties, it was easy to create a panel that both looks like, and works like, a dock. Here’s an exaple of what I came up with:

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And I would like to point out that after Solus’ update that included our first release of Plasma 6, 97% of users reported that their updates created no issues that they couldn’t handle themselves. Only 3% asked for help in the Solus forum. I’m among the many that had no problems with it, after updating three laptops, a workstation, a server, and a VM. Congratulations to the KDE and Solus teams for a great job with a HUGE update.

Nice, I would add some little transparency to the panels. You also have 12 virtual desktops :sunglasses::+1:, I have 8 (atm) :slight_smile: , which leads us to this problem we have here with Plasma 6 compared to 5.27 → 482418 – [Desktop Grid] Layout Preference to Ignore the Pager layout possible in Plasma 6? i.e. try a Meta+G to view in Grid (and move windows from one desktop to another)


unusable now

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