[SOLVED] Porting Kirigami's BasicListItem to KF6

Hi !

I’m trying to port my Kirigami applications to KF6, and I’m having a little trouble with BasicListItem.

Checking out the source of older versions of Kirigami, I can see this comment at the top of the BasicListItem component:

TODO KF6: this needs to become a layout inside a Delegate rather than its own listItem

But it seems BasicListItem was removed from newer versions of Kirigami, and I haven’t been able to find out if it had been replaced by something else ?

Are there some instructions about porting Kirigami applications from KF5 to KF6 that would be helpful for that specific component ?

It just came to my mind that I might find something interesting by navigating the git history of Kirigami. Doing so, I found the deprecation note that was added to BasicListItem before it got removed, which in turn led me to the following merge request:

The components aren’t exactly the same as they used to, but they’re also simpler, which should make them easy to customize.