Some localization assistance

After figuring out I can’t use PO Summit because the KF5 and KF6 trunks have different plural forms I had to keep using the manual way.
I finally configured Lokalize properly so now I can see all the suggestions in terms of TM and new apps to work on.
I’m currently struggling with those 3:

  1. I’m wondering if I should switch the KF5 branch to the same plural forms as 6.
  2. Several apps appear when I’m browsing the web SVN but I can’t find them on my local copy (Kolourpaint, massif-visualizer, etc.), I’m running svn up pretty regularly.
  3. I’ve translated websites-hugo several days ago and I was wondering when am I supposed to see the translation applied to the website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Pretty please? :sweat_smile: