Special ran mode: problem solving

Allow to ran program in problem solving mode. Also, when user do not launch program yet (not executable bit set), asks to ran in problem solving mode. This mode is to gather information about failure and allow to pass it to special forum.

What this is suppose to do?

  1. Check of occurrence of libraries (you may use code of linker or call linker directly)
  2. Check OS information
  3. Pass verbose flag (MESA, GLIB, GNOME, KDE)

After exit, user may be prompt to select if everything worked fine. Also, gathered information may be shown and user may be asked to post information to forums.

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This sounds interesting. Not sure if anything like this has been tried before, or if it could work? Basically something like Dr. Konqi, but for more than just crashes.

This one seems seems hard to sell to users, at least as default.