Spectable crashing

─(10:34:07)──> spectacle ──(Mon,Apr22)─┘
spectacle: error while loading shared libraries: libpython3.12.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That’s rather odd: to my knowledge nothing in Spectacle uses Python.

This is either a packaging error in your distro, or a configuration issue on your side if you’re using some kind of Python-based launcher or something.

Exactly, why Spectacle needs to use Python libs, is unclear to me.
I did an update recently with tons of Python’s packages and Spectacle stopped working.

I am running EndeavourOS with testing repos.
I can timeshift a day or 2 to find out what was wrong.

why you 're doing this to yourself…

The testing repositories are not for the “newest of the new” package versions. Part of their purpose is to hold package updates that have the potential to break the system, either by being part of the core set of packages, or by being critical in other ways.


  • Testing repositories may contain pre-release software versions.
  • Be careful when enabling the testing repositories. Your system may break after performing an update. Only experienced users who know how to deal with potential system breakage should use it.



I had only the extra-testing repo. I removed this testing repos and I downgraded all packages to extra repo versions.

Back to normal.

BTW, spectacle has 3 dependencies that use python.

that was basically the root of your issue. You should have had enabled core-testing too, this way you would retrieve python-3.12 , then spectacle most probably would be working. You didn’t have the library in your system, that was the initial message.

❯ pacman -Si python | grep -i "repo"
Repository      : core
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Very much appreciated for your response. I learn a bit more each day I tinker with Archlinux.