Spectacle: add an option to always save a copy to a file

On my Windows desktop I have Share X set up to always save the screenshots I make into the screenshot folder.

That way I don’t have to do extra steps to post a screenshot on social media, but when I want to find an old screenshot - I only had to look in a local folder, instead of scrolling hundreds of megabytes of webpages.

There’s a checkbox in settings “After taking a screenshot: Save file to default folder”, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I press Ctrl+Print Screen to select a region.

with that checkbox enabled my workflow is this:

prt sc to activate spectacle

draw the rectangle and release the mouse

this spectacle dialog appears (note the green highlight) and a copy of the capture is saved to the default folder as well as my clipboard.

there is a handy link present to take you to your saved folder if you wish to access the file.

note: this autosave occurs BEFORE any annotations… a 2nd copy is saved after you finish annotating and hit the Save button unless you choose Save As and overwrite you autosaved copy.

i find this workflow an improvement over my experience with shareX

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Interesting, I can’t reproduce this step. After I release the mouse I have the toolbar appear under the selection. I can click copy or save on it, but not both.

here’s my general settings (22.04.3)

my save directory is the ~/Desktop folder and i didn’t modify the shortcuts at all.