Spectacle - repeat last capture

be great to have this feature in spectacle
could either be repeat last capture or
recapture last rectangular region
useful for repeatedly capturing exact same rectangular region
without redrawing it every time

So this is how I use Spectacle a lot, using the rectangle in a given area, and then doing another capture, and it WILL spawn the same draw box in the same place as you describe - not sure why yours is not.

This is with kde plasma 6.0.4 currently, but it’s been this way for me forever with Arch at least from 5.x on - maybe this is a distribution packaging thing with less than ideal defaults? I don’t know that i’ve ever had to enable it to do so, it’s just always been ideal use for me other than occasionally someone breaking arch package and I fall back to flameshot.

That’s great - thanks all - the always option does the trick
I should have known this feature was in there somewhere …

I just saw that feature yesterday.:sweat_smile:
We usually miss noticing things we need🥲

That’s why we have good friends to point them out (:

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