Spectacle's global shortcuts reset after reboot

Since I upgraded to Plasma 6, custom Spectacle shortcuts get reset after a reboot.

I have a custom global shortcut (Meta+Shift+S) set to launch Spectacle. When I set it in system settings, it works correctly (launches Spectacle). But after a reboot, the shortcut doesn’t work anymore (nothing happens), and System Settings > Shortcuts > Spectacle looks like someone manually removed all global shortcuts (“No active shortcuts” in all categories). I can fix this by removing Spectacle from the list of applications and adding it again, which also restores my custom shortcut. Again, this fix only works until a reboot.

Does anyone else have a similar issue? Is this a bug I can report somewhere?

Can you click on default and see if the default shortcuts survive the reboot.

Which distri are you using?

I think I managed to fix it. During the last reboot, there were 2 instances of Spectacle on the list of applications. I removed both of them and the Shortcuts window errored out. I rebooted the computer and Spectacle wasn’t on the list of applications. I added it back, and now shortcuts work again.
I’m using Fedora 40 with Plasma, with the latest updates, on a Dell Latitude 5530.

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Hi, @hackguy

May you tell me where / how can I find this “list of applications”?

Hi, I was referring to this (green emphasis mine):

You can see Spectacle listed once. During fixing, it was listed twice, with the same icon and name.

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