Stability Restored - Wayland Was the Problem

Seems my system has been fixed simply by changing Wayland to X11.

Much happier now. Really enjoy my KDE Neon system when it is stable.

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Same for me. Quite strange though.

Not a single crash since switching to X11, but I do get a number of hang-ups where the system momentarily hangs up or freezes before letting me do what I was trying to do. Overall, I am happy and not too bothered by this behavior because there has not been a single crash.

Do you think this occasional lack of responsiveness could be due to drive issues? The Wayland usage crashed so much that I had to run fsck when booting up one time to fix some kind of disk corruption. I clicked “Y” to let fsck do what it recommended doing.

I’m not a technical user. I know just the basics, which is why I choose a Ubuntu base.

I’m definitely happy I didn’t reformat my drive to install something else. I was just about to put on a fresh install of default Ubuntu. Was so frustrated with the constant crashes.

The hang-ups might be 481721 – kwin_x11 compositor screen freeze (regression from kwin 5) that’s being fixed next week in plasma 6.0.1.

Was talked about in This week in KDE: a smooth release – Adventures in Linux and KDE


So shutdown, sleep mode issues and getting new global themes are back to normal on X11?

Update: fresh install of today’s .iso (March 4) and above mentioned issues seem to have been resolved (phew!). Getting global themes is still a bit glitchy in the sense that indicator of installation status seems to be missing.

Thank you KDE Neon dev team! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have no issues whatsoever except a few oddities where my system is using so much CPU it is causing a temporary lack of responsiveness. I use the Breeze Dark theme. Haven’t tested other themes.

One oddity is that there is something wrong with the System Monitor application. It sometimes drives the CPU hard for some reason. I’m now using an application called Resources, which runs much better.

Anything that drives the CPU hard can cause the system to lose responsiveness momentarily when doing a few things on a lower end CPU, so these issues appear more readily in my case.

Testing once more I can hear my CPU working hard by the fan noise on my box. Now I will shut down System Monitor and it will go quiet. Again, no such issues with the Resources application.

Also, I couldn’t save properly certain settings using Wayland. I’d set something not to start at startup and it would do so anyway. Besides that, every time it crashed even more settings would be lost. Just was not a pleasant experience in any way. At least on my box the crashes were so frequent.

Looks like Does our code suck or is there something we're not seeing? (Lutris, high DPI mouse) (#443) · Issues · wayland / wayland · GitLab

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Definitely could be related. Currently I use the Logitech M570 trackball. The cursor can easily go very fast across the screen.

Just read this at your source: “Moving the mouse really fast during a background operation would guarantee a crash.”

That seems very familiar. I felt like I was walking on eggshells when using Wayland.

Browsed more of the discussion there, which is over my head, and read:

“I’ve never seen a GUI that complained of “app not responding” after two seconds. When they do, they don’t insta-kill the app- they give the user the option to do so or to wait.”

Could be Wayland was crashing instead of allowing my system more time to respond.

Either way, I am so much happier using X11 for the time being.