Startplasma-x11 hangs with a zillion percent cpu usage

It doesn’t seem to be a nvidia issue because deepen’s desktop launches just fine (i didn’t install deepin, it just came with deepin-movie for some reason), but I can’t find where any debug/logging info for startplasma-x11 would be so I don’t know what info to provide other than using Manjaro but with the unstable (AUR-compatable) repos…

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I believe I have the same issue you’re having. I don’t know if this is helpful at all but after attempting for 30 min of endless times of powering off and booting on my machine, I got a journalctl log. My internet appears to be disconnected but that could be a completely unrelated problem. My vm inside runs just fine though so it might be something else.

journalctl log

My own debug outputs

Page 2

If it’s crashing, please submit these crash reports to (More info Guidelines and HOWTOs/Debugging/How to create useful crash reports - KDE Community Wiki)

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same issue here. startplasma-x11 hangs and uses CPU in a Manjaro linux virtual machine…

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