State of aqbanking

Hi there,

I know this is only remotely connected to KDE and I’M sorry for that.

Does anyone of you know something on the state of aqbanking?
I’m using kmymoney and am affected by this issue: Bug #296: Kein Umsatzabruf bei Apo-Bank - AqBanking - AqBanking-Projektfamilie

Unfortunately the developer hasn’t been active on the bug tracker since quite some time, my registration hasn’t been approved.
So I was wondering, if anybody of you maybe has insight.

I’m happy for any information.


This ticket was opened two months ago. One thing you could do is to send a ping to the mailing list at and ask if someone has any news. That’s where most of the users of AqBanking are hanging out, not all are monitoring the bug tracker. Did you take a look at the banking details on the AqBanking Wiki? Don’t know if the info for Apobank on this page is of any help.

Thanks for the hint to the mailing-list, I will write there and report here, if theres something new.