Status and Notifications window not scaling properly

Hi I am new to KDE and the issue is when I click on show hidden icons , The window that shows Status and Notifications is appearing like a dot and not scaling and I need to manually scale it. I am attaching some images for reference. I tried changing panel icon size and panel icon setting and none of them work. Is there a way to fix it?
Thanks Edit: This is KDE 6 on wayland

It seems I cant add more images in one post as I am new and adding new here.

I am manually adjusting it

After adjusting it is looking fine but when I go back and minimise firefox lets say its back to same behavior. I did reset the global theme and everything and it is still the same. Please help.

It’s the nub! This is 485456 – With Qt 6.7, System Tray popup is inappropriately resized to a tiny nub which will be fixed in Plasma 6.0.5. In the meantime you can grab the tiny nub and resize it back to its normal size.