Status of Kopete and KPT(?)

Is Kopete – and its leaner, more integrated version (KTP, I think?) – still being developed (other than minimum maintenance)?

I used to love how well it integrates with the rest of the desktop and bound all the IM into one, but then the rumours said it’s been abandoned.

Nowadays it seems we’re back to having several IM solutions at the same time, so a universal app would be again pretty useful instead of having several (in some cases Electron) app windows open all the time.


Unfortunate, but fair.

How about KTP?

KTP is no longer released and the repositories archived

So currently we do not have any IM app in KDE that supports several IM protocols and we’re back to running a bunch of different apps with different settings and split up developer groups.

That’s sad.

… somewhat understandable though, and in no way should their maintainers be blamed …if anything it’s commendable they maintained it so long!