Strange appearance of the Steam icon in the Breeze taskbar

I have installed Steam on a freshly installed EndeavourOS with KDE 6.0.3. The theme is Breeze light (default). As you can see, the Steam icon does not switch to a display mode that you would see on a light background. Switched to Breeze dark, the Steam icon is immediately blue.


Are you using the Breeze icon theme, or a 3rd-party one?

This is what I was thinking might be the issue, with the breeze icons i very rarely have issues

I only use the Breeze Standard Icon theme (bright). Never had anything else installed.

Sorry, haven’t been online for a while.

In that case this is most likely a Steam bug, because the icon is coming from the app itself.

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thx @ngraham , that’s not the solution I was hoping for, but at least now I know what the problem is :wink: