Strange issue with mouse pointers

I use openSUSE Tumbleweed (with X11) and I just installed the latest update. Since the previous update on 15/08, I have some issues with the mouse pointers.

In KDE I have selected the “Breeze light” theme. Those pointers are not used from any KDE application! All of them are using the “dark”, Breeze theme.

To make things worse, Chrome is using the default pointers from X11, not the Adwaita!
Any ideas how to fix this?


What happens if, you use the openSUSE Global Design, with the Breeze Applications Style and, the openSUSE Plasma Style and, the Breeze Pointer Style and, the Breeze Symbol Style and, the Breeze Window Style?

I must admit that, I’m using Leap 15.5 with KDE Plasma and, the Oxygen look-and-feel …

I use Breeze and Breeze light everywhere.
And right now the main issue is the X cursors for Chrome. I can live with the cursors going from Breeze light to Breeze dark in the windows, but the X are not even usable in some cases since they are too small.


What happens with a new, “fresh”, test user?

  • If a new, “fresh”, test user is not showing the issues you’re experiencing then –
    Clear out the affected user’s ‘~/.cache/’ directory – preferably from a VT session or, if from a KDE Plasma session, log out and then, login again.