Submit your ideas for OSPP 2024

KDE has registered for the Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP) program this year. This is a Chinese program that provides support for open source communities similar in nature to GSoC. We’d like to invite the community to submit ideas for OSPP 2024. Deadline to do is Friday, April 26, 2024.

All community members are welcome to submit ideas. If you have an idea,
make sure that your project maintainer is aware of your intentions. If
not, do not add the project there.

This year, we are encouraging members to submit ideas for projects
that would improve Chinese localization and/or support for the RISC-V
platforms. Here are some possible ideas:

  • Software that lacks Chinese localization support.
  • Add Chinese features and translations to KDE applications, such as
    lunar calendar support, Chinese characters/word sorting, input method,
    Chinese spell-checking, and so on.
  • Improve the availability and performance of KDE software on the RISC-V

Your ideas do not have to be limited to coding tasks, as you can include
projects related to documentation, translation, etc.

For more information see here. We recommend you to read this page before submitting ideaa, as there are some differences between OSPP and SoK/GSoC.


Do you mean UI and doc translation?

For Chinese calendar, perhaps it’s still useful, GitHub - liangqi/kcalendar .

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For input method, fcitx works perfect with KDE already, both on X11 and Wayland, see also Fcitx 5 - Fcitx .

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Yes, but not only. Also support for Chinese specific features, like the calendaring features mentioned elsewhere. My apologies, my knowledge of Chinese culture is limited, but there must be more examples.

Perhaps could get some input from 用户群组 | KDE 中国 .

Interesting you should mention that: it is promoted by them.

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