Subtitle change predefined position?


I love kdenlive and all the features.
I’m using subtitles for tiktok videos but the predefined position as “bottom center or top center” are to close to the edge, and often text from the platform is hiding my subtitle

Question: Is there a way I can change the distance from the predefined subtitle positions?
I would also appriciate a work around :wink:


AFAIK, the position of subtitles cannot be changed above and beyond the pre-defined positions. The only alternative is to use title clips …

Subtitles are a rather new feature and is being enhanced with speech recognition so chances are that the devs will include more functions in the (near) future. I suggest you open a bug report on and add “[Feature Request]” to the title.

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Perhaps there is something worth trying in/with SRT. Check out the section Subtitles in the Kdenlive documentation.

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thx for the link - with this workaround i can work :slight_smile:
Just add a br html tag infront ot the text and here we go


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