Subtitle plugin troubleshooting

I am trying to use the subtitle plugin to insert a scoreboard in a sport video. It is much easier than using multiple titles. Not very nice, but soooo easier :sweat_smile:
That said, I am experiencing an issue : the subtitles do not appear on screen as they are on the master : the subtitle clips last longer than expected.
The project is at 25 fps. So I was wondering if there was a deal with it, like maybe it would work well at 24 fps. But changing the framerate didn’t help.
A good picture will be more explicit (as my English is, huh, :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: ) :

Any idea ?

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What looks a bit strange is that your source window is empty: I see no video clip nor title clip in there.

Interesting use of subtitles. Please upload the project file with the srt file here so I can have a look.

Thank you @Eugen_Mohr for your help.
I can’t figure out how to upload the files here, so here is a google drive link : video_debugging – Google Drive

Thanks for the files. I can confirm the issue even with 23.04.3. But try tomorrow’s daily build, there the issue seems to be solved. Go to Download - Kdenlive scroll down.

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Hi @Eugen_Mohr
I run Ubuntu, and the last AppImage daily build available is from july 10th, so I will wait for a more recent one. The Windows daily build is more recent though.

Just tried on build #648 on ubuntu and still doesn’t work.