Subtitles not working on mac

Hello People.

I am using macOS 12.6.2 Monterey on a iMac Pro and can’t get the automatic subtitling to work.

Kdenlive version 23.08.4

I have installed all the necessary components to configure the speech to text including the vosk-model-en-us-0.42-gigaspeech

When I go to use the tool, it states… starting audio export. Then it states, Subtitles Imported, but there is nothing on the timeline.

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Try opening from iTerm2 / terminal and repeat the steps you outlined, then post the output from the terminal as a code block here:

Like a so

Also, the models are usually called something like " vosk-model-small-en-us-0.15" and in your screenshot it is only called conf, you sure it is installed correctly? From my experience you dont needto extract the zip just point kdenlive to it

Thanks mate. I fixed it by deleting what I had done in the past. Then dragged the “zip” file to the configuration box.

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