Subtitles. Translate To English without Speech Recognition?


  • I have the video. I have already imported a subtitle for it. It appears on the timeline. Everything works.


  • Is it possible to “Translate to English” this foreign (Indonesian) subtitle without using the Speech Recognition feature? In other words, using the Subtitle file itself as the source and converting it straight to English (much quicker)?
  • Also, is it possible to integrate 2 subtitles (foreign and English) for a video in kdenlive?

Thank you.

A definite No to your first question. Speech recognition has it in its name that it only works on spoken words and the AI models are built around that concept.

AFAIK, there is only one subtitle track available at the moment. Perhaps a capability of more than one is in the works but I don’t know.
If you need a second track use a special subtitle tool (google is your friend) or Handbrake (works with SRT files).

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