Super resolution in X11 similar to Xorg.conf

Hello! Thank you for viewing!

Through nvidia-settings, a person can set whatever resolution they want using the ViewPortIn option that it provides. This helps solve most of the multi-monitor issues that most people have.

I set the same resolution that I want for all of my 3 screens. I then disable K-Screen which forces Plasma to use values from xorg.conf that can be generated through nvidia-settings.

My first question: Why can’t K-screen just have an option to set a custom resolution, as on X11, K-Screen has global scale feature and doesn’t have fractional scaling support per display.

My second question: Why don’t DEs simply give the option to the user to use xorg.conf if they want. I know for certain that Gnome and Cinnamon has disabled this option entirely. KDE still has the option to disable K-Screen, however, an error says ‘Gaps in Monitor is unsupported’ really gives me anxiety.