Support for multiple columns and cross-account feeds

Now that Tokodon has support for cross-account actions, for me it’s basically as good as Fedilab on mobile, so thanks everyone for your great work!

On desktop, though, other tools have a more advance support for multiple accounts (e.g. Sengi), with a multi-column interface that enables to see at a glance what is happening over all one’s accounts.

I am therefore wondering about the following:

  1. Would it be possible/desirable to implement multi-column layouts on Tokodon? (ideally across accounts, and not simply on layout per account)
  2. Could we have a way to show all accounts’ notifications in a single place?

One possibility for 1. could be that, on desktop, all columns would be visible (with overflow and scrolling if necessary) while on mobile you would swipe left and right to change column.
For notifications, there could be an “all accounts’ notifications” entry in the menu, with the multi-account feed?

Any thoughts about these?