SVG file from Inkscape

I create an image with Inkscape.

It easily imported into Kdenlive.

But it looks different than in Inkscape.

A sentence with linebreak in Inkscape - become one line in Kdenlive.


(A possible workaround is to export to PNG.
But it would be nice to work directly with the SVG file…)

You should know that Inkscape reflows and renders every font at startup. This means that all fonts used should be included in the video project if it is to be archived. But even this does not guarantee that the same look will be achieved in future versions.

In addition, Inkscape has a long known bug, it sometimes finds fault with missing fonts and replaces them with exactly the same fonts, at least by name.

This should at least give everyone pause for thought as to how far you can trust such a program. An alternative would be, if you don’t want to use graphics, to convert all fonts to paths.

Thank you very much for your answer.

The issue is not about fonts, but line breaks.

I think it will be easier to export to PNG instead of converting texts to paths.

Thanks again!

That’s your best bet. Kdenlive isn’t great with svgs.

I also second the suggestion about exporting PNG. It’s going to be rasterised in the video anyway, so you may as well rasterise it in Inkscape, where you have finer control than in Kdenlive.