Switching KDE Apps to Flatpak, where are the GUI settings stored?

I really like KDE Apps and I really like Flatpaks.

For me an app should never have full filesystem access and internet access at the same time, and with Flatpaks you can get closer and closer to that goal.

I already use the Flatpak runtime (Audiotube, Falkon, Filelight, Gwenview, Iso Image writer, Kamoso, Kdenlive, Kdevelop, Kleopatra, Kolourpaint, Kontact, KRDC, Krita, Okular, Plasmatube, Tokodon), so the amount of extra RAM usage is not there.

The default Flatpak permissions are bad, poorly. I would really like to code something that controls the permission when installing. A dialog for apps, after installing them with “accept the preset permissions or change them” and then simple toggles for this specific app.

So, removing sound, internet, filesystem access (the Flatpak uses portals, awesome!)

But how do I restore the interface settings? There are so many awesome features like Dark mode, that are not GUI-accessible by default.

copying ~/.config/okularrc and okularpartrc to ~/.var/app/org.kde.okular/config/ did not change anything