Switching to Pipewire caused the sound settings to disappear

For some reason, switching to Wireplumber made the configuration settings in Neon to disappear. Audio still works, but I can’t change any of it (volume, output, etc) from Plasma’s System Settings.

I followed this guide.

And I noticed that installing pipewire-pulse removes plasma-pa

Any idea what I was missing?

That sounds like a packaging bug, you need both pipewire-pulse and plasma-pa because we only support the PulseAudio API for the sound control applet.


This just solved the last remaining “issue” for a week-long excursion into aggravation when a package update horked on configuring libodbc1 that also resulted in a borked sound system (long story). With the install of plasma-pa, all is back as it should be.

Might I respectfully suggest that “plasma-pa” and its package description does not quite convey how central this package is in configuring and managing PulseAudio. A description that explicitly mentions PulseAudio (that -pa isn’t enough because if one searches for “pulse” this package is not in the results) would have been very helpful.

Thanks again!