Synchronise Akregator settings?


I’d like to use Akregator instead of Tiny Tiny RSS but I have a little issue. I have a laptop and a desktop (they are never used in same time).
Is there a way to synchronise all settings and feeds and their status of Akregator ? (I have already the sync solution with Nextcloud but needs to find out what to synchronise !
I have found out a preference file in /home/:config/ but it contains only very few settings and nothing about feeds and their status :frowning:
Where are stored rest of Akregator configuration files ?



For well behaved Linux application, you’d expect them to maintain their stuff in 3 different locations:

  • ~/.config to store user configuration files - i.e. “user has set up stuff”.
  • ~/.cache to store temporary data - i.e. “created for now, but if its gone and I have to recreate it, nobody cares”
  • ~/.local/share to store stateful data - i.e. “things I’ve done that I’m going to be needing for my next run”.

I’m guessing you are looking for the third thing - the Akregator stateful data, i.e. RSS downloads and stuff like that, will probably be in ~/.local/share/akregator or something similar.

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Thanks a lot for all details as I thought most of stuffs were usually in ~/.config and you are right all stuffs I’m looking for are well in ~/.local/share/akregator :ok_hand: