Synchronize the contacts of an Android smartphone with Linux

Is it possible to synchronize the contacts of an Android smartphone with Linux using KDE Connect?
And can you synchronize texts stored on the phone with Linux computers?

Yes, it is possible :slight_smile: Checkout your ~/.local/share/kpeoplevcard folder, it probably would be a good idea to somehow expose this a big more…

You can then create a KAddressBook calendar pointing to one of the folder contained inside .local/share/kpeoplevcard

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Oh, that would be wonderful. Since my switch from Windows, I still use MyPhoneExplorer via Wine. I would love to run my Linux without any Windows programs at all.
So, you say this is possible?
Important to me would be the contacts, possibly also the calendar and especially the many texts, txt and some odt, docx and pdf that I have on my phone. Photos I could transfer manually to the computer if necessary.
But if all this would work, it would be like Christmas for me.
Where can I find instructions on how to do this?