System frei0r plugins with kdenlive appimage


I’ve just discovered Gyroflow (, and I’m a little surprised I’ve not seen it mentioned here before, because it looks quite promising for stabilising and related manipulations for video where the camera also recorded gyroscope data…

And in theory, it should be quite easy to integrate it with kdenlive, using the frei0r plugin here: GitHub - gyroflow/gyroflow-frei0r: Gyroflow frei0r plugin - but in practice that doesn’t seem to work with the Appimage.

kdenlive reads the xml file, but then reports:
plugin not available: “frei0r.gyroflow”
regardless of where I tried to put the plugin .so

Unless I’m missing something, this seems to be because the AppRun wrapper sets
so it only looks for files included in the Appimage, and you can’t override FREI0R_PATH yourself to include system (or other custom) dirs, because AppRun unconditionally resets it.

Am I missing some supported way of doing this?

Ideally I’d love if kdenlive shipped with support for gyroflow stabilisation built in, but I’m ok with providing that myself “as a system lib” if there is a way to make that actually work.


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