System Monitor shows wrong disk info in Plasma 6

Hi KDE Team,
After upgrading to plasma 6 yesterday, few things broke and I know the team is working hard to fix issues one by one and I really appreciate the time and hard work :pray:.

Don’t know why Neon team had a packaging issue and decided to release the update without checking :thinking:. Anyways, coming to the issue,

Issue: The system monitor was showing proper disk stats before upgrading to plasma 6, now after the update, the disk info is showing wrong info.


The disk shows wrong total space, here is my lsblk and df util output

df -h

As you can see the total space available is around 467GB, but the sys monitor is showing wrong details.

Here is the system monitor editor panel pic

This is a minor bug and is not affecting any functionality of the OS in any way. So, you can consider this a small bug fix at low priority.

When possible, kindly send a patch or tell me how to correct this through config changes.


I think it shows the disk+partition size? Would be in the ballpark, didnt do the math

Oh, I see, might be in the ballpark. Since this isn’t critical, I can wait longer for either the complete feature or a fix.

Thanks for the A2A :smiley:

I’m having this same problem, I have 5 1TB drives, and it shows roughly 9.1TiB. Like you said it’s not major, but I’d like to see something like this ironed out. :slight_smile:

This change aims to fix it disks: Filter out root devices from "all" sensors (!79) · Merge requests · Plasma / KSystemStats · GitLab


I’ll see when that update is pushed I suppose - I just noticed this same issue now, found this thread. Plasma-monitor is showing roughly double the disk space that I actually have (double the total disk space, including both my arch and windows operating systems).

Today i updated two my fedora 39 computers to fedora 40 with new plasma 6
System monitor “increases” size of disks
Very sad