System Settings disappeared


As I said in the title the system settings diappeared.
On the Taskbar on the bottom, the icon went empty and if I hover over it it says “systemsettings.desktop” and if I click on it I get an error of Unknown application folder.

It doesn’t come up if I search with alt+[space] or in the Application Launcher.

I am using Debian 12 with Plasma version 5.27.5.

I don’t know why it would have disappeared but I believe the corresponding package is simply called systemsettings in debian so, assuming the package somehow got uninstalled, sudo apt install systemsettings should fix it.


  • Check if there’s a ‘systemsettings.desktop’ in ‘/usr/share/kglobalaccel/’
  • Check if there’re desktop files in ‘/usr/share/systemsettings/categories/’
  • Check if ‘/usr/bin/systemsettings’ is present on your system.