System Settings not opening after changing global theme to Breeze in Plasma 6

I use Arch Linux with Plasma 6. After changing the theme to Breeze Light, I am unable to open System Settings. No errors shown. Can someone help please ?

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Two things that come to mind which you could try:

  • Open a terminal (Konsole) and execute systemsettings there, to see if the terminal output indicates what kind of error it is.
  • Reset the style by editing your config files directly, if this is indeed what caused the error. Changing the Global Theme applies a bunch of different settings, e.g.:

In .config/kdeglobals:


In .config/plasmarc:


And also the color theme, but I don’t see how different colors would really break anything. Heck, the Breeze application style is in such wide use that it’s hard to imagine it would break System Settings. And Plasma Style should only affect Plasma, rather than an application like System Settings. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that you can reset the style by removing the name=... or widgetStyle=... lines from their respective configuration files.

But I’d check the terminal output first.

Hi Jpetso

Thanks for the quick help and sorry could not get back earlier.

I reinstalled kde-gtk-config. This solved the issue.

Thank you once again.


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