System Tray Icons Missing

Hey everyone-

Updated to Kubuntu 24.04 and therefore KDE Plasma 5.27.11. Since the update, non-KDE apps such as Mullvad, Telegram, and KeePassXC no longer show in the system tray. Has anyone experienced this issue? Just spent the last two hours looking through various old (similar) threads and tried many potential fixes to no avail. Perhaps it is a bug in 24.04 or KDE. I did delete my ~./config folder and the issue persisted.

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I can’t say for sure for the applications you mentioned, but I have the same problem with virt-manager on the Wayland session.

When using wayland session, you need to have an “appindicator listener” installed, which works with the panel and supports those applications.
Maybe someone can share their appindicator listener of choice here.

Are you on 24.04? I am not using Wayland but X11.

Not on Kubuntu, using EndeavourOS, but KDE nonetheless.

In that case, your problem is different from mine.

KeePassXC seems to be a Qt application. Guess there’s more to this problem.

Someone else in the Kubuntu Telegram channel reported the same issue on 24.04, seems it may be a bug with AppArmor.

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Telegram, Skype and all similar apps do not have icons in fresh Kubuntu 24.04. First surprise on fresh OS. Looks like it’s related to snap applications.

Same here on my Kubuntu 24.04, no icons in the system tray.

Fixed in BETA Channel:

Switching to the beta channel fixed this for me as well. Thank you!!