Systemsettings config file(s)/location(s)

I’m trying to remove all non-critical functionality from Debian plasma-desktop and found systemsettings. With systemsettings I’ve increased the responsiveness of the plasma-desktop in VirtualBox but will probably destroy plasma-desktop several times while experimenting with removing various components. So I don’t have to repeat all the systemsettings changes multiple times is there a documented list of file(s)/location(s) of the config files impacted by modifications made in /bin/systemsettings?

My eventual goal is to have the lightest version of KDE which runs on wayland and will run browsers, terminals, Libre Office, calcs, file managers, and editors. My workflow includes VMs so after preventing the sharing of keypresses between apps in X by using wayland, my second priority is minimizing resource usage. Today the only wayland distros running well in VirtualBox are KDE and GNOME and KDE starts out lighter.