Systemsettings "Get more" button tries to connect to gibberish urls

Earlier today I was customizing my kde installation in fedora via the System Settings “Get new X” feature.
After I came back home to pick up from where I left off whenever I try to do the same (now I’m trying to get more kwin scripts) I’m getting this error:
“Network error 0: Host 롰試嗕롰試嗕籰試嗕ꏀ試嗕 not found”
Either it’s some random chinese letters or gibberish chinese letters ending with “dook . org”
I have thought that I have installed some sort of malware earlier but those letters don’t translate to anything. How can I troubleshoot this?

Those Chinese letters apparently mean “Try it out” if I put it into google translate.

Also please don’t post weird links if you think you got malware, lol!

I’d start by uninstalling any 3rd-party stuff you installed via the “Get New [thing]” windows. As the disclaimer on the top of the window says, all content there is a wild-west free-for all and you’re on your own. Nothing there should be assumed to be safe, sane, or consensual.

No worries. The url is posted without the random string of chinese letters.
I’ll also create a list of extensions and try to find the problematic extension so I can report it.

Is there a tool for me to list all installed plasma extensions? Discover app does not list them

Check ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/

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I am facing the same problem with fedora… Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately not. Are you using the official fedora or nobara?

I have this issue on Nobara and I didn’t really download any widgets yet at all.